General Demos:

Audio and Image Data Browser for Mobile Devices
Tommi Lahti, Nokia Research Center, Finland, Paavo Pietarila, VTT Electronics, Finland Liu Yingfei, Timo Pylvänäinen, Nokia Research Center, Finland, Olli Vuorinen, VTT Electronics, Finland

A Sensed-Point-Oriented Geographic Routing for Camera Networks
Hiroki Ishizuka, Yoshito Tobe, Tokyo Denki University, Japan

iPDA: Enabling Privacy-Preserving Location-Based Services
Jing DU, Jianliang XU, Hong Kong Baptist Univ., China Xueyan TANG, Nanyang Technological Univ., Singapore Haibo HU, Hong Kong Baptist Univ., China

Moppy - Mobile Object Position Prediction Application
Lukasz Rosikiewicz, Logos sp.z o.o., Poznan, Poland Mikolaj Morzy, Poznan University of Technology, Poland

A Testbed for the Exploration of Novel Concepts in Mobile Service Delivery
Rico Wind, Christian S. Jensen, Kristian Torp, Aalborg University, Denmark

CADD: The Context-ADDICT Designer tool for context modeling and data tailoring
C. Bolchini, C. A. Curino, G. Orsi, E. Quintarelli, F. A. Schreiber, L. Tanca, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Distribution of Fingerprints for 802.11-based Positioning Systems
Thomas King, Thomas Butter, Matthias Brantner, Stephan Kopf, Thomas Haenselmann, Alexander Biskop, Andreas Färber, Wolfgang Effelsberg, University of Mannheim, Germany